Unlocking My Spiritual Self

Discover Your Authentic Self


Many know the term “inner wisdom” and may have wondered where it comes from and what it means. Each experience in life is an opportunity to awaken us to the power and possibility of our authentic self; our authentic self seeks to communicate with us, and yet, remains elusive. Our authentic self is the inner wisdom and power of good existing within. When we are connected and one with this power, we recognize the vital prompts essential to confront our life-challenges. True success in life is found in knowing who we are, and every life experience offers a path toward self-discovery, revealing our inner wisdom and conscience within.


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Self-accountability involves the moral courage to accept responsibility for our actions. Admitting our mistakes is a prospect many fear and this denial thwarts our personal development. Acceptance of our mistakes supports integrity, personal development, evolution, and the learning process. Our inner wisdom gently prompts us to be authentic, accountable, and responsible in our actions, and, to our actions. Accountability is a natural governing principle of life intended to regulate and attune our actions toward love and service. Personal freedom and equality cannot exist without accountability.



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To face the challenges and opportunities of life we need to develop our capacity to be more in control of our thoughts and emotions. Self-awareness and understanding are essential to recognize our innate resilience. Life on earth cannot exist without personal resilience, and we all have this inner strength to bounce back and approach our day-to-day challenges.  From a young age we have been taught to suspend our natural, intuitive abilities, and that the answers are outside of ourselves in institutions and organizations.  This serves to create doubt in our natural, intuitive ability and we must challenge our self-limiting beliefs.


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