Prayer Wheel Flow



You are being ruled by the energy of 11:11; for this is a space in time intended to liberate and unshackle, for this is an opportunity to attain closure and create anew. All lessons have a cause and effect and must be answered in time. This depends on the consciousness of the soul. This awareness and awakening takes place as a result of soul standing. The soul standing of one is representative of their cumulative commitment to truth. One’s present day attributes, abilities, and qualities reveal this genuine commitment. All lessons are individual, uniquely different, and yet all lessons support the same purpose. The purpose is to serve and without accountability the level of service will remain under the control of the ego. Being accountable to your past, present and future self will increase the ability to better serve others and the universe as a whole. There are reasons for everything that happens and accountability provides a sense of balance needed to appreciate and work out those reasons. Therefore, balance occurs as a result of knowledge and wisdom gained through the experience of accountability. Without accountability truth remains but a mystery and service unimportant. To repeatedly see this number eleven is a sign one has come to the teaching space of service through the doorway of accountability. The energy of 11:11 provides guidance and protection needed from working against self. Overcoming self is the pathway toward accountability, truth, and service.