Prayer Wheel Flow

Guidance for Difficult Times


The birth of a new day is all you have; for you do not know what is to come. You must decide how you will live this day. It is your freewill choice that decides what path to take. To open your eyes is not to be fully awake; for your eyes alone cannot guide you. Being from the spirit realm, you must awaken to your heart. Your heart is your guide and your mind is its assistant. You must awaken your mind daily to recognize your heart. Your mind is like a child, it needs daily guidance from you. Your mind has magnificent potential to create and you must not allow your mind to roam wild; for it does not know truth. For when I say “you” I mean the spirit within. It is your responsibility to bring awareness to the mind. For you are here to assist the soul, therefore listen to the soul and do not be tempted by illusion. It is through the heart that you will find guidance. Your heart connects you to your spirit guide and to the voice of your soul. This is where the light of truth and wisdom awaits your calling to serve you. Your words, thoughts, and intentions will enable you to connect to this light within and bridge the mind and heart daily. In this way you receive guidance daily and also awaken fully to your journey. Ground your energy daily with this mantra for light and love; for this is your true essence. This mantra must be recited slowly:


 Stay In the Light 

Today I Choose to Receive the Light

Today I Choose to Be the Light

Today I Choose to Trust the Light

Today I Choose to Give the Light

Today I Choose to Be the Real Me