Prayer Wheel Flow

Lifting Your Service


The ego seeks to serve itself while the purpose of the inner self is to serve others. Genuine truth is realized and becomes conscious through the intention and the ability of the inner self to serve others. Falsehood and hypocrisy is the consequence and by-product of the ego turning inward to serve itself. This is how a soul comes to be lost in a world of duality. Yet, this is a necessary and essential step on the path to discovering and uncovering your true inner self. These steps speak to the many lifetimes on the staircase toward truth; truth is love and love is service. The ego creates the need and hunger for truth, love, and service within a world of duality. The conscience of the soul, through the use of forgiveness, creates the balance needed to move forward. This wisdom of balance is maintained and secured by taking responsibility and being accountable for one’s past. Without forgiveness the self cannot find closure to then create a new. Finding closure to create a new awakens the inner self to the outer self; this is always done with the assistance of others. Helping others lift their service is how one lifts their own service. To advance and progress beyond the experiences of earth through service is a means to an end. However, life on earth represents but a fraction of the eternal ring of service; for the lessons of love and service are endless. Therefore, the message received, “I want to lift your service” supports eternal oneness and expresses unconditional love that is present and exists within the self.