Prayer Wheel Flow

Placebo Effect


If you have no doubts ask and you shall receive the answer you seek. If you have no suspicions seek and you shall find the solution you desire, for this is the cause and effect of real faith. Faith is but an empty screen, faith is sightless and blind. Faith is ineffective without the essence of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. For when we speak of a placebo effect, we are speaking of a desired result achieved through the artificial creation of real faith. For a placebo in the form of a pill is an example of this, it has the essence of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding within it to remove all doubt and suspicion. A placebo is a means to a positive end by removing all negating factors, a placebo is a means to creating a positive result by removing nullifying effects, and a placebo is a means to achieve real faith by removing self-sabotaging behaviour. Realize all results are influenced through a combination of these varying levels of doubt and certainties. For a placebo in pill form removes all level of doubt in order to allow for a level of absolute certainty or real faith to exist. For a placebo to be effective there cannot be contradiction; likewise, for the law of attraction to be effective, there can be no contradiction. One cannot expect good to manifest while thinking and feeling ill about those things. Therefore, to create a placebo type effect, one must first reconcile with everything in the universe, for when you are so reconciled and grateful, only good can come. For this power of good is the only power which truly exists in life, everything else is delusion. This is the only true power which creates and sustains all life, and this is the only true power which removes all doubt and suspicion. Therefore, a universe perceived to be good will produce results similar to that of a placebo effect. A placebo effect in pill form is further proof that coincidences or accidents do not truly exist. They are the effects of the cause created and attracted by way of thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and actions. A placebo effect in pill form is a perfect scientific model to enlighten man to the mechanisms, systems, and inner workings of real faith and the great spiritual law of attraction.