Prayer Wheel Flow

Seeing Beyond Your Physical Body

 How does one explain a knowing, how does one justify and describe having inner wisdom and how does one awaken to see through things? For the darkness of the night conceals and obscures the exactness and truth of the lighted day, for the darkness of the night manipulates and confuses the senses and intelligence of the lighted day and the darkness of the night gives rise to fear not apparent or noticeable in the light of the day. For if one was to journey from day to night, illumination to darkness surrendering to the manipulation and confusion of the night; would not fear take hold, befriend and imprison them to illusion and deception. For the truth of the light and wisdom of the day would have to be retrieved and revealed to provide the peace and strength of character necessary to stay and endure the darkness of the night. For the light is an aspect of the spiritual realm and the dark an aspect of the physical realm. For you come from the light of the spiritual realm to experience the darkness of the physical realm, while in the physical realm you are always connected to the light through a knowing, an inner wisdom and a sense from within. This light within is turned on and further awakened by accepting and enduring a prolonged and purposeful challenging experience. A prolonged and purposeful challenging experience always contains within it the opportunity to awaken you to the real you, the spiritual you and to your true inner self. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven means connecting, uniting and harmonizing man’s individual innocent heart to gods unconditional loving heart. For when one enters into partnership with divine, one becomes the means of access for the spirit and the light of endless love to flow through. For the intention of this light is to serve the physical world by illuminating and transforming all darkness in its path. For the Kingdom of heaven is on its way and will have its day as man continues opening his heart further to see beyond the physical body.