Prayer Wheel Flow

Stay in the Light


What does it mean to stay in the light and where do we find this light? When we speak of a light within we are speaking of a place that is gentle, untroubled, and a place that is full of life. For the physical symbol of Divine, the Great Spirit, Creator, God, Allah, or whichever name you may wish to use is the brilliant, amazing, and impressive sun in the sky. For the sun has tremendous power and is ever so gentle; the sun has blinding brightness but radiates tender warmth, and the sun has been misunderstood and cursed and still serves unconditionally. You have a spark of this brilliant light within you; for it is your soul. Your soul rests within your heart and uses the physical heart to communicate with you. For this is why your heart knows truth; this is why your heart has knowledge and wisdom, and this is where you’ll find your conscience and common sensibility. This is also your inner wisdom, guidance, and message center; know that you are never alone in this physical world of illusion. To become aware of this light within is not enough, for you need to develop faith and courage to recognize, trust, and follow the message of your soul within. This is a relationship which you need to cultivate with your heart; for this is a communication which you need to foster with your heart and this is a marriage which you need to nurture with your heart. It is important to stay in this light; you must realize and understand that the darkness will always resist this light. This is your greatest protection, security, and shelter in life. For all darkness; your challenges, obstacles, and difficulties in life need to be balanced within this light of truth which rests within your heart. This will allow you to transform any and all fears into hope and this will allow you to transform any and all fears into love. Recognize your biggest enemy in life is fear and fear originates in the mind and not in the heart. Therefore, live with confidence every day from your heart and not from your mind; for your mind is here to assist your heart and not the other way around.