Prayer Wheel Flow

Universal Love


Outside of physical love and beyond romantic love exists universal love. For this is a selfless love which serves unconditionally, for this is a humble love which serves respectfully, and this is an intelligent love which is knowledgeable and experienced. The unconditional purpose behind universal love is to stimulate, awaken, and lift the service of others in order to realize their true self. Universal love can only be obtained through service to others. Universal love is inseparable and attainable as a collective love; for it cannot be achieved by oneself alone. The steps that make up the ladder toward universal love are the rungs of service taken from each lifetime. In order to lift oneself up to the next level, one must at the same time reach down and lift up those from the rungs below. Service to others is how one acquires the knowledge and experience necessary to progress. Each rung on the ladder represents a completion of service. With each rung of service completed, there is a further awakening to one’s true self and there is a further awakening to unconditional service. Unconditional service is the higher ascension toward unconditional love, for it is the higher ascension toward ones earthly graduation. Unconditional service does not end with one’s final transition; there is no separation between the physical and the spiritual. The higher ascensions of one ladder are the lower ascensions of another.